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Georgina Butler is delighted to have been selected as part of the Conservative Party team to fight for the South West and Gibraltar at the European Parliament Elections in 2014

The European Union is in crisis and Britain’s representatives in the next European Parliament will have an important role to play in redefining this country’s relationship with its neighbours. We need MEPs who are skilled negotiators, able to stand up for British interests and win support from other EU member states for a cooperative, rather than federal, agenda. With years of experience in international relations from a distinguished career in the British Diplomatic Service and with her knowledge of how the European institutions work, Georgina Butler has the right qualifications and drive to protect and promote British interests in the challenging period which lies ahead. She has a reputation for finding solutions and delivering results and her valuable strategic insights have won her widespread respect. She comes from the South West and is committed to finding ways to help the region, favouring measures which stimulate growth and jobs, while protecting the natural beauty and heritage of the area.


With the other EU Ambassadors and the Costa Rican President (and used to being the only woman!)


"I thought what a good MP she {Georgina Butler} would have been on the backbenches or as a junior Minister..."

Matthew Parris, August 2010 in an interview with Iain Dale

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